So this T-shirt design is definitely one that I feel very strongly about!!
Reason being most people stay in their comfort zones, but I can never understand why?? Why and how is that going to make you happy?? Why not go find something that gets you excited? Take a chance? A gamble?

Whatever passion you have deep down might push you in an exciting direction in life. I’m not just talking about a job or hobby. I’m talking about a deep feeling that make you become the better you. We can all improve. Definitely me.
Go and be the person you want to be and don’t care what others may think. They are the people that get jealous of what you may achieve. Haters! Plenty of them about which I find hilarious.

For me my Passion is not my job, Mundane or my social activities  but it’s my two beautiful girls. If you knew me you’d see this when I’m around them.

So what ive started doing is concentrating on what I will be able to offer them in the future. Not what I can offer them now because spoiling them continously now is not healthy in my eyes. I’m thinking what is it I can provide them in years to come??

Mundane Attire is an idea I’ve had for a long time. I’ve worked on Mundane through extremely tough times and my ultimate goal is not to make money. I’m definitely not the type of guy that is money driven. Obviously as a business money and profit is required but my thinking is what if my 2 girls get the opportunity to learn an exciting industry from an early age? They can see if it interests them and potentially have a business to take over when they are old enough. Giving them an opportunity like this gives me the determination and a Passion to give it my all.

Planning the future concentrating on my little ones is 100% my true Passion. Im finding it a very powerful emotion and I really recommend finding yours.

Thank you to Emma Von B for the design and the tattoo! Rob Bennett for the photos. James Wallis for the digital design and website. Dane Matthews for letting me use his long locks for modeling. Nik Parkinson for the music.Bridge42 Bar & Grill and Cube Bar for the location shots.

These people are being a great help and they ask for very little in return so thank you so much!! x

One of the next subjects I recorded for the Passion Tee Video is of these two beauties. My 2 daughters that mean the world to me!! I find days like today such a joy to watch them playing together in the garden. The simple things in life mean the most and seeing these two have so much fun fills my heart with determination.


A little message to everyone- Find your passion in life. Use that powerful emotion to seek what you desire.

The lads on a regular basis go venturing to the peaks around the Country so I asked if I could come along to record the experience. What a morning!! Weather was against us but we managed to complete 3 peaks. I wanted to capture a passion they have for getting out into the fresh air to challenge themselves. I’ll be using some of the footage for one of the next videos I’ll create for the Passion Tee which is out at the beginning of March. Thanks lads for taking me along!

Welcome to our first blog recorded at The Cube, Poulton. Here we have the photoshoot for the Passion Tee happening in the background and we wanted to highlight the new website is launching on 6th Feb. Getting ready for a fresh start with new designs every month created by Emma Von B (follow Emma on Instagram @thevonb) and limited numbers available to make the products exclusive. Subscribe via our website to keep up to receive offers and future developments.